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 5th Anniversary Celebration of International School

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PostSubject: 5th Anniversary Celebration of International School   Thu Sep 07, 2006 6:17 pm


1.1 General

June 2006,important to International School members and International School itself, is the 5th birthday of International School. Do you know the past of International School and do you want to know more?

Let’s get on the time machine and have a close look of it.

After the deep contemplation, the JN university leaders decided to establish the International School in order to meet the needs of Chinese, overseas Chinese and other foreign students. The use of original English textbooks and teaching materials, delivering in English during classes is the biggest characteristic of IS. And all the leaders, professors and students intend to create the comfortable environment for the improvement of the students in IS. Every year, International School enlarges the number of majors as well as enrollments to meet the increasing needs of students.

Year 2001
New Major: Clinical Medicine International Economics & Trade
Year 2002
New Major: Accounting (CGA)
Year 2003
New Major: Food Quality and Safety
Year 2004
New Major: Pharmacy
Year 2005
New Major: Public Administration
All these five years, the goal of International School has never changed.
★ Become a window for spreading Chinese culture
★ Deliver student solid professional knowledge
★ Turn out students with a good command of English

1.2 Three organizations in international school

International School Students’ Union was established in 2001, and during the three years, Students’ Union has worked very hard to serve members in IS.
Mission Statement:
To represent the students of the International School in matters affecting their educational experience, and to afford a recognized means of communication between the students and the university and faculty authorities.

• To promote and encourage cultural, sports and social activities.

• To provide high quality services that will meet the needs of students of the International School, and ensure that students are always at the centre of our services.

• One for all, All for one
The League Committee of the International School, Jinan University, was founded in 2001.It is a team full of vigor and energy. Through the leadership of the committee, we have successfully completed a variety of tasks, and achieved a lot in these three years. Our aim is “to activate the school culture, promote the quality of the league members, and serve the students of the school and set the new image of the league members in the new century.

Five departments:
• Secretarial Department:
• Organization Department:
• Social Investigation Department:
• Fieldwork Department:
• Promotion Department:
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PostSubject: Re: 5th Anniversary Celebration of International School   Thu Sep 07, 2006 7:00 pm

2.1 General Description

2.2 Expectant Words From Teachers

Name: Sun Bohua
Birthday: 12-1963
The highest degree: doctor
The nationality give and the time: Chain 1989
Stay places before come back Chain: Holland, German, America, South Africa
Work places and profession before come back Chain: South Africa
开普敦 Island university of technology machine engineering system
Professor: the master of the technology research center and micro-machine electricity system lab
Present working place: Jinan University International School
Present profession and name: master, special professor
Direction of the engage in profession: dynamics, intellectual structure and micro-machine electricity system

The International School, founded in 2001, now is pleased to announce its 5th anniversary. This special occasion provides us a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how this institution came into being, to acknowledge the constituents who brought us to this point, and to look forward to the continuing role the school will play in education, research, and etc.

As the first school in Mainland China to offer all courses in English, we should take great pride in its accomplishments throughout the past five years. The founders of the school were true pioneers. They anticipated the tremendous need for education in English within our motherland, and set into motion the plan for a school that now has 7 programs and more than 700 students from all over the world, which are still increasing annually.

The 5th anniversary is an event of historic proportion for the school, and its significance lies in reminiscing about the past and planning for the future. To honor five years of excellence, the school will host a series of events and activities, both academic and social, and I hope that you will join us throughout the anniversary season.

On this memorable occasion, I would like to congratulate every member of the school on its past successes, and wish the school all the best in the years ahead.

Dean: Prof. Dr. Bohua Sun


Dr. Shuze Tang (Deputy Dean)
Professor in Meat Safety & Cereal Technology

Administration Responsibilities
1. Academic affairs.
International collaboration and exchange

Major rewards
1. Pioneering founder of a unique 4-years bachelor degree program “Food Quality and Safety” which is delivered solely in English, in the International
School, Jinan University in 2003.
2. A team of supervised students in Food Safety rewarded Silver modal in China region for SIFE (students in free enterprise) 2005.
2. “Elite Teacher” rewarded in 2004 in JNU.

Education Qualification
Post-doctorate, National University of Ireland- Cork (NUI), December 2001
PhD in Food Science, NUI, December 2000
Msc in Biochemistry, Hunan Agricultural University (HAU), July 1996
Bsc in Agronomy, HAU, December 1981

Unique impression of the pioneer international school
Professor Shuze Tang, Deputy Dean of International School, PhD and Post-doctorate holder from National University of Ireland in Food Safety

I have worked in several universities and institutes, Jinan University is the only one university I experienced to have such an excellent and sociable international environment with a wonderful versatile cultural society. I have heard hundreds of international colleges or school set up recently in China, the international school in Jinan University is the only one I know offering such a wide range academic degree programs with English as a solely instruction medium. I have met many students in many universities, the students in the international school of Jinan University are the only ones who have such a good English, well target, oriental academic, creativity and motivation, and comprehensive professional abilities with attractive career. I have read many journals or magazines edited by students, “Pioneer “ is the only one I greatly impressed because it is the only journal all in English created by students with high quality. I am so proud of myself, therefore, to join such a unique International School family. I had an opportunity to create an unique Food Quality and Safety program which provides our students with a prospective career opportunity in the food safety, food business, food science, food industry and food inspection world. Some of our SIFE (students in free enterprise) winners are good examples. At the birthday of five years old of this international school, I wish she become stronger and matured and I am confident that our young international school will continuously pioneer in the English-delivery academic education.

Comment from Julia (Yu Huifen), Vice Dean of International School

As the chief editor, what I’d like to say first during this special season is: Congratulations, International Pioneer! You have survived the hard and unforgettable time together with the school; Thank you, all teachers and students that have made contributions to the magazine. You are the real pioneers in making everything possible.

The establishment of International School itself is a miracle, and so is the International Pioneer. I think International Pioneer is really international, because teachers and students from different countries and regions work for it. And it is really a pioneer, because it’s the first and the only magazine in English started by university students so far as I know in Guangdong Province.

I’m very glad to see that, in the past few years, International Pioneer has been playing an important role not only in introducing our students’ campus life, but also in innovating new ideas.

Starting something new is always difficult, and retaining something new is even more difficult. It might be a great challenge to make our “Pioneer” a genuine pioneer in today’s fast changing world. However, as I told you many times: “Nothing is hard in this world, if you dare to scale the heights”.

I wish more and more students see it as a garden, stop by now and then and try to work in it for a while. One day your will marvel at your own fruit and at the same time add some beauty to it as well. What a nice thing to think about that!

Dear fellow students, you are very lucky to be a member of a young school of 5 year old of an old university with 100-year history. You are very lucky to have International Pioneer accompany you on your way forward. Come and join us. International Pioneer will help you to become a PIONEER in INTERNATIONAL environment. .
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PostSubject: hehehe....   Sat Sep 09, 2006 12:32 pm

u wrote it,henry???? u have a very deep thouht...and very long paragraph...thzz for your delivering bro... cheers
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PostSubject: Re: 5th Anniversary Celebration of International School   

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5th Anniversary Celebration of International School
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