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 it's me again...editing posts ?

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Age : 35
Country : Trinidad & Tobago
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Registration date : 2006-09-08

PostSubject: it's me again...editing posts ?   Mon Sep 25, 2006 10:33 am

hey about editing posts that we started or written? for eg. i'm the author of whatever post..after i click post which is final apparently so oops...i can't go back and change anything......is that fixable:!:
oh how about the embeddable player i mentioned. can we view while we're logged in instead of having to log off in order to see the video posted Question (without having to click url link)alien
ok that's all for now lol ... more work to rack ur brainz hehehehe...king albino
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Age : 35
Country : Ivory Coast
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Registration date : 2006-09-07

PostSubject: hi jen   Tue Sep 26, 2006 12:30 am

Well, We understand ur concern, about editing ur post, it's pretty complicate, bcuz if everybody is able to edit a post, people would be able to change the whole content of ur message "turn into bad things".
Reason why there's a moderator to help you to correct ur mistakes, just PM the moderator of ur forum then give him the correct message, then he'll help you to fix that.

About the Video file, I posted this problem to the Forum of Forum, cuz this problem is the resposability of our host, and we have to wait for them to fix it for us :S.

But We really appreciate what you do for this forum, and hope you'll continue Smile ... You already helped for the Country lol!

WENG Napole Jouling,
OSD Administrator master.
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it's me again...editing posts ?
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