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 100th Centenary Celebration of Jinan University

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PostSubject: 100th Centenary Celebration of Jinan University   Thu Sep 07, 2006 6:15 pm

1. Logo design of 100th Centenary Celebration of Jinan University

1.1 The meanings of originality design are:
A. It takes 10 years to grow a tree, while a sound education program may require 10times as long before it takes root.
B. Jinan University is to have students everywhere.
C. A centennial anniversary is celebrated everywhere in the world.

1.2 The logo is mainly design:
The logo is mainly designed by a Chinese word “BAI (百)” (meaning “one hundred”), it shows the main theme of centenary celebration of Jinan University. The logo reflects the Chinese traditional culture lifelikeness, which is an emblem of Jinan University having gone through all the vicissitudes of life and splendid history.

The 100th Centenary Celebration logo use “Auspicious Dragon” which is an emblem of Chinese nation. “Dragon” has richness of Chinese culture, also means that Chinese culture overflows to the world. It expresses Jinan University is an institute of higher education for Chinese and the overseas Chinese.

The bottle part of the logo is a Chinese word ” NAN(南)” (meaning “south”), it keeps the original logo’s distinctive mark to continue Jinan’s long-standing history and conscientious and careful school spirit.

The 100th Centenary Celebration logo looks like a Chinese signet. Not only to be provided with historic significance, but also modernize.

2. History of Jinan University

2.1 A message from the president ---- Jun Hu

Jinan University, with a long history, situated in a beautiful environment and with all kinds of disciplines and qualified teachers, is mainly open to overseas Chinese students, students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Province.

In the 21st century, in which challenges and opportunities coexist, Jinan University, adhering to the development strategy of “a school for overseas Chinese students and a school of frame”, will strive to turn itself into a high-level research university and cultivate high-quality creative personnel.

2.2 A brief introduction of JNU

Jinan University is a comprehensive university offering programs of study in Humanities, History, Engineering, Medicine, Economics, Management, and Law and Continuous education. The school is open mainly to overseas Chinese students, Chinese students of foreign citizenship and students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Province. It also enrolls a number of mainland students. “Jinan” means “spreading far and wide the enlightening influence of Chinese education and letting the spirit of the Chinese nation become known throughout the world.” And the school motto is 4 characters ----loyalty, integrity, perseverance, and prudence.

Jinan University is one of the universities with the longest history in China. Back in 1906, Jinan University, called “Jinan Academy”, then, had its beginning in Nanjing. Then it moved to several locations, such as Shanghai, Jianyang of Fujian Province.

In 1996, Jinan University, with its own striking educational features, its favorable situation for further development, its strength and potentials, made its way to the rank of the 100 key universities under “Project 211”. Jinan University has a joined enrollment of 23,892 of whom 10,270 are from 77 different countries and the regions of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and 6,567 are studying for doctor’s degree or master’s degree. Altogether it comprises 20 colleges offering 61 undergraduate programs, 133 postgraduate programs and 54 doctoral programs.
There are some special colleges in our school. Shenzhen CTS Tourism College, whose construction began in 1993. The College of Chinese Language and Culture was set up in 1996 on the eve of the ninetieth anniversary of the university. Zhuhai College had its first enrollment in September 1998. And International School was founded in June, 2001, whose courses are all delivered in English.

In the 21st century, in which challenges and opportunities coexist, Jinan University, adhering to the development strategy of “a school for overseas Chinese students and a school of frame”, will strive to turn itself into a high-lever research university and cultivate high-quality creative personnel.

2.3 (呢個table是用來做time line的)
1906-1911 Jinling period 1 Nanjing Jinan Academy
1911-1918 Temporary ceasing
1918-1923 Jinling period 2 Nanjing Jinan School
1923-1937 Zhenru period Shanghai National Jinan University
1937-1941 Isolated island period Shanghai
1941-1946 Jianyang period Fujian
1946-1949 Hongkou period Shanghai
1949-1958 Temporary ceasing
1958-1966 Yangcheng period Guangzhou Jinan University
1966-1978 Culture revolution
1978-now New period Guangzhou

2.4 “Jinling period”----Jinan Academy

In 1906, a hundred years ago, a Manchu Minster named Duan Fang, proposed to Emperor Guangxu that an overseas Chinese school should be set up for the purpose of “spreading far and wide the enlightening influence of education and strengthening the emotional ties with compatriots overseas”.
On March 23rd, 1907 Jinan Academy located near Xue Jia Xiang, Nanjing, held its opening ceremony. Although it had only 21 students to start with, Jinan Academy, serving as a curtain-raiser for the later development of overseas Chinese education henceforth became the first of its kind in Chinese history.

Zheng Hongnian, was then appointed the first schoolmaster. According to historical record, the school name “Jinan” was recommended by Chen Botao who quoted from a passage in “ShangShu-Yu Gong (尚书-禹贡)”. The passage literally means “spreading far and wide the enlightening influence of Chinese education and letting the spirit of the Chinese nation become known throughout the world.”

2.5 Temporary Ceasing
Owing to the social upheaval with flames of war raging everywhere across the land, Jinan Academy was forced to close down in 1911, only four years after its founding. Nevertheless, efforts made by public-spirited personages to blaze a new trail for overseas Chinese education had never for a single moment ceased.

2.6 Jinling Period 2----Jinan School
After the feudal autocratic monarchy was overthrown by the Revolution of 1911, the patriotic sentiment of overseas Chinese was running high and their desire to send their children back to the motherland for academic pursuits became ever stronger than before. So, on March 1st, 1918, six years after the school was suspended, at the proposal of Huang Yuanpei and other dignitaries, Jinan Academy was re-established on the original seat and renamed “Jinan School”.

Among the extant historical data and objects during this period, the following two are particularly rare and precious. One is the four-character school motto, which is quoted from one of Confucian maxims: “言忠信,行笃敬”, which means “always standing by one’s word and undertaking nothing that one does not bring to achievement.” Each of the four characters taken from the maxim bears rich moral norms, but briefly speaking. “zhong (忠)” means loyalty, “xin(信)” suggests integrity. “Du(笃)” indicates perseverance and “jing(敬)” implies prudence. Another precious trove the only one that still remains extant is a stone tablet treasured up in the exhibition room of Jinan University.

2.7 Zhenru period ----Jinan School to National Jinan University
In 1923, thanks to the support given by overseas compatriots and educationists, Jinan School moved to Shanghai, which was then the center of education and hence it is more advantageous to the development of overseas Chinese education. Historically this is known as the “Zhenru” period.

In Zhenru period, setting up the first College of Commerce is the beginning of Jinan to be a comprehensive university rather than a high school. Those 14 years of “Zhenru” period in Shanghai was called the first boom in the development of Jinan University reshuffled in 1927. Jinan School was replaced by national Jinan University that possessed 16 departments commanded by 5 colleges, such as the Law School, College of Commerce, and College of Sciences, etc.

Jinan University shoulders a special mission that the alumni from Jinan are demanded to develop overseas and have their feet firmly planted in the outside world. This overseas Chinese university gave birth to the commendable “Jinan spirit”. “The Jinan spirit is contrary to those bureaucrats. Unsophisticated and enthusiastic, they give no thought to gains or losses, rush of forward with vigor, and take a clear-out attitude: black is black and white is white.”

2.8 Isolated island period
The anti-Japanese war broke out on July 7, 1937. The Japanese troops mounted a large-scale attack on Shanghai, The school was compelled to move to a church on Kangding Street, a concession then seized by Britain as residential and business center for its emigrants. From then on Jinan University entered the “isolated island” period.
On December 8, 1941, the Pacific War broke out. With the Japanese invaders storming into the British concession, the “isolated island” which belonged to the last “pure land”, fell into enemy’s hands.

2.9 Jianyang period
Thus, glorious national Jinan University terminated her life temporarily, and quietly busied herself with moving to Fujian Province. In 1942, Jinan together with Southeast United University, located in a mountainous area of north Fujian, a small country named Jianyang.

2.10 Hongkou period----back to shanghai
After the victory of the anti-Japanese war in 1945, Jinan University moved back to Shanghai. For various reasons, the college of liberal arts, the law school, the Collage of Commerce, and the College of Sciences were instructed to merge into Fudan University, Nanjing university and University of Communications in Shanghai.

2.11 Re-establishment in Guangzhou
In 1958, Jinan University which withstood a half century of trials and hardships turned over a new leaf. Approved by the State Council, Jinan University, China’s first overseas Chinese university was re-established in Guangzhou.

2.12 Cultural revolution
Because of the “Cultural Revolution”, in the spring of 1970, the twelfth year since its re-establishment, it was again put out of operation.

2.13 The new period of Jinan
In 1978, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council decided on the resumption of Jinan University. It was unambiguously prescribed that Jinan University was to become multidisciplinary university of arts, sciences, engineering and medical science, with a high academic quality and modern teaching facilities. Thus, Jinan University began to embark on its expressway of development.
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100th Centenary Celebration of Jinan University
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