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Number of posts : 46
Age : 35
Country : Ivory Coast
Grade (Ex:IET04 or guest) : CM04
Registration date : 2006-09-07

PostSubject: !!HOW TO USE THIS FORUM?!!   Mon Sep 11, 2006 2:48 am

First about it, you need to register :
It's easy and very fast. After registering, you'll receive a message in your mail box, and only the link of this message will allow you to activate your account (Security againt spywares and other worms).
But don't worry I'll be checking everytime and help u to activate if u still inactive.

Then after loging in this forum, the first think to do is to join your "Group" Ex: IET or CM are two different groups. So how do u have to get into your group? well simple just clic on : Usergroups on the top of the page alien or clic directly on this link: http://osd-jnu.lolbb.com/groupcp.forum.
Select the group in which you belong in the "Join a Group", then clic on "View Information". There you'll be able to "Join Group".

After that, the forum is yours doode Razz you can write everywhere you could, but try to use friendly and proper words Razz, that will be nice...

Please if u want to answer to a Topic, do not clic on "newtopic" but rather clic on this Topic then "postreply". That will help us to clean up the forum and make it looks tidy.

The OSD forum is divided and subdivided in severals groups, I'm sure you have already noticed, a note is given for each of them to help you to understand better the forum. So please read carefully and write in the proper place Smile.

We are sure that this forum isn't perfect, your suggestions will be welcome, you may post them in the topic "Suggestions" and we'll try to do our best to make this forum a nice place to share.
Some Forum can me added as well, if you are interested in moderate a forum like "ENTERTAINMENT!!", moderate by jiggy_innit just let me know.Laughing

Well I geuss I wrote alot lol! so, enjoy this forum and keep it reall Ayeh.... Peace:albino: I love you ....

WENG Napole Jouling,
OSD Administrator master.
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