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 Introduction of OSD

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PostSubject: Introduction of OSD   Sat Sep 09, 2006 1:22 am

Introduction of OSD.

Established by statute in 2005, Overseas Student Department (OSD) is a committee representative of all overseas student of International School and is in charge of all overseas student affairs among the Student Union. Activities will be organised by OSD and other departments of Student Union in order to give to all students a distraction during studies and opportunities to know each other more.

1-monitor and ensure the welfare of International Students in the International School as part of the University‘s provision of student services
2-bridge the cultural gaps that may exist between International Students and the local student community in the International School as part of the University’s plan to accept students from other countries

1-represent international students who are enrolled at Jinan University and improve the collective and individual welfare of them
2-communicate liaise and co-operate with the University’s various departments, various student organizations and community bodies, within or outside the University
3-try to promote understanding and friendship between international students and the local student community.

Michael CHAN,
Head of OSD.
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Introduction of OSD
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